Welcome to the Criminal Records Section Online Applications for National Police Checking

This service allows NSW residents aged 14 years and above to apply online for a National Police Certificate for visa, adoption, employment (including authorisation as an authorised carer), approval as a household member of an authorised carer, some occupational licensing purposes, student placements and for volunteers working in Commonwealth supported aged-care facilities.   

The NSW Police Force does not provide Working With Children Checks. Individuals seeking a Working With Children Check Clearance should refer to the Office of the Children's Guardian website

However, some employers of persons in child-related work may also require a National Police Check to assess the suitability of a person for employment in a particular position. Some workers may therefore separately apply to the Office of the Children's Guardian for a Working With Children Check and to the NSW Police Force for a National Police Check.

Individuals requiring a criminal record check for Australian citizenship, residency, spouse visa, guardianship of a child from another country, working visa or whilst travelling or living abroad, must apply via the Australian Federal Police (AFP). Details on applying for a criminal record check via the AFP is available at www.afp.gov.au   

To apply for a National Police Certificate, please complete the application form online. You must complete all mandatory fields marked with an  *  on the form. Once the form is complete, print and present in person with identification and payment at your nearest NSW Police Station within 30 days.  

Payment can now be made online using a credit card just follow the prompts. However, you will still need to attend a Police Station to have your three forms of identification verified. Please allow 30 minutes for your application to be received before attending a Police Station.

For name and date of birth checks applicants should allow a minimum of ten (10) business days from the date the applicant attends a Police Station to verify identification to be processed and fifteen (15) business days for name, date of birth and fingerprint checks. Delivery times will vary depending on Australia Post which may take up to 14 days.

For further information on the National Police Checking Service, please contact the Criminal Records Section by telephone 02 8835 7888 between 7.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, or by email to 

National Police Checking Services provided from 1 July 2018 will be subjected to a 2.5 % increase.

You have 60mins to fill out this online form before it times out.